Section 42 habitat & species targets

Section 42 habitat targets

Achieve favourable condition Restore unfavourable habitat to Section 42 habitat
Lowland dry heath 11 ha 123 ha
Lowland wet heath 44 ha 1 ha
Purple moor grass 112 ha 186 ha
Lowland acid grassland 178 ha 253 ha
Lowland mixed decidous woodland 10 ha
Upland oak woodland 57 ha


Section 42 species targets

Manage habitats to enable recolonisation and population expansion
Marsh fritillary 190 ha
High brown fritillary 70 ha
Shrill carder bee 908 ha
Bog bush cricket Enable interconnected patches ofstructurally diverse and good condition wet

and dry heath

Skylark Enable extensively managed habitat oftussocky grassland/heathland

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